Damien started his apprenticeship at 15 years of age. His father said to him; “If you get an apprenticeship as a carpenter, I will drive you to and pick you up from work each day.”

Surprise surprise, Damien’s Dad ended up having to drive Damien to and from his apprenticeship every day for the next two years. His father told me that he would never be so careless with his promises ever again.

Damien finished his apprenticeship seven years ago and has gone from strength to strength as a carpenter with T&J Bowden. His skill level and eye for detail are the envy of experienced tradesmen in their 30’s.

Damien is an exemplary employee, working well with clients, other tradespeople and sub-contractors to get the job done.

The last 12 months have also been of great achievement for Damien, as he balances being both a highly skilled tradesman and alongside his wife Zoe, a doting father to beautiful baby Eve.